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Yoga for mindfulness


Mindfulness is awareness that arises from paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgementally.  Jon Kabat-Zinn






















3 Good Things

Acknowledging a challenge in one's life and then listing 3 good things in one's life. 

5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Bringing awareness to the 5 senses:  5 things you can see, 4 things you can touch/feel, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell and 1 thing you can taste. 


Speaking, writing or mentally repeating statements that foster positive thinking and/or empowerment. 

Beginner's Mind

Approaching life with an open mind, just like a child, and experiencing the world as if for the first time without judgment

or expectation. 

Bells of Mindfulness

Using a sound in our lives, such as an alarm or bell or message alert, as a reminder and invitation to take a mindful moment. 

Body Scan

Gradually scanning the body, from feet to head, by paying attention to each body part and bodily sensations in the role of observer without judgment. 

Breathing and Smiling

Breathing and smiling without necessarily needing to feel happy. 

Catch Yourself

Recognizing ruminating thoughts in the past or anxious thoughts in the future, and then intentionally shifting to the

present moment. 


With intention, taking 1 - 10 minutes to center, to ground, to come to the present moment by using one or more mindful tools. 

Fading Tone

Listening closely to the sound of a fading tone, such as a bell or singing bowl, for as long as you can hear it. 

Feeling My Feet

Taking a moment to connect with sensations felt on the soles of your feet, calming the body and mind as you come into the present moment. 


Expressing thankfulness and/or appreciation by verbally sharing, writing, drawing or making a mental note. 

Guided Meditation

Meditating in response to the guidance of another's voice, either in person or through audio and/or visual media. 

Informal Mindfulness

Proceeding mindfully in everyday activities by doing one thing at a time with full awareness. 

In The Zone or Flow State

Being fully immersed in an undertaken action such that you are able to complete it with complete focus, involvement

and enjoyment. 


Writing a personal record of experiences, thoughts and reflections. 

Life Is Good

Acknowledging a challenge or something that bothers us, and then reframing it and bringing awareness to the positives in our life by saying, " And life is good." 


Sending unconditional love and kindness to ourselves, those we love, those we interact with in our daily lives, and, ultimately, all living things. 


Focusing the mind on a particular thought, object or action, such as following the breath, in order to train attention and awareness in order to achieve a stable state. 

Mindful Breathing

Focusing your attention on the breath; Practicing the foundation of all mindfulness practices. 

Mindful Eating

Being aware of physical and emotional sensations associated with eating without having judgment. 

Mindful Listening

Being 100% focused on a speaker by limiting distractions and quieting one's inner voice while also resisting the urge to interrupt and remaining nonjudgmental .

Mindful Test-Taking

Applying mindful tools to studying and test taking situations, such as affirmations, centering, guiding meditations, mindful breathing, self-compassion, sleep hygiene, etc. 

Mindful Thinking

Observing your thoughts, labeling the category with kindness, curiosity and non-judgmentally, and then returning to the present moment by watching your breath. Repeating the process as many times as desired. 

Mindful Walking

Walking slowly and purposefully while experiencing the sensations of the feet and legs. 

Natural Environment

Spending time in nature and experiencing the natural world around you with awareness.


Recognizing what is happening, Allowing life to be just as it is, Investigating with a gentle, curious attention and Nurturing with loving presence.


Taking care of oneself through behaviours that establish and maintain health, and prevent and deal with illness.  

The four 'buckets' to fill each day include Chill, Flex, Create and Connect. 


Fully accepting yourself with great compassion, just as you are, including your thoughts, emotions and feelings. 

Sitting Like A Mountain

Sitting tall like a mountain while firmly rooted into the ground, simply being with your body and your breath with full awareness and without judgement. 

Sleep Hygiene

Following a set of sleep-related behaviours that promote health and wellness through effective sleep. 


Stopping what you are doing, Observing your experience, Breathing, Expanding awareness and Responding with awareness. 


Stopping what you are doing, Taking a few deep breaths, Observing your experience, including thoughts, emotions and physical sensations, and then proceeding.

Supportive Touch

Touch that actives the care and parasympathetic nervous system to help us calm down and feel safe, including placing hand(s) on heart, belly or cheeks, stroking of arms or rubbing on chest, wrapping arms around in a self-hug or cupping hands in lap.

The Little Things

Recognizing opportunities for appreciation of little things in our lives that are taken for granted, such as a rainbow or rain or the sound of birds chirping.

Yoga Practice

Uniting body, mind and spirit in a practice that promotes present moment focus and overall harmony. 

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