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Being part of the Mount Doug Dance program was the highlight of my high school experience. Mrs. Morson has created a safe space for students to come out of their shells and share their love for dance. She is an extremely talented dancer, choreographer, and teacher. The quality of classes you get at Mount Doug is unmatched. The program is perfect for all levels of dancers, whether experienced or brand new. You get to experience so many amazing things on the dance team. I made the best memories in that dance studio and on stage with my teammates. I will forever cherish my time in Mount Doug Dance. 

Neve Sarrasin, Grad 2023

Mount Doug dance was the highlight of my high school years. I always looked forward to dance class. I found my confidence through dance and dance also gave me an outlet to express myself through choreography. Mrs. Morson is the best instructor; She exposed me to so many different genres of dance and made every single routine memorable. I can’t wait for our next alumni routine!

Stefanie Tibbitts (Slater), Grad 2010

The dance program at Mount Doug was the entire reason I choose the school. The quality of the dance program was of that of studio dance that you would pay for outside of school. Mrs.Morson is a talented dancer, choreographer and teacher! She taught us a variety of styles of dance and even how to choreograph our own dances. Competing in festival and dancing at the pep rallies was always so much fun! She taught us how to become amazing performers who were confident and proud on stage. Her mother made us beautiful handmade costumes that made us stand out from the crowd. Mrs. Morson pours her heart into the dance program and it shows! Even after high school, I kept in touch with her as part of the Mount Doug Alumini dancers. Thank you Mrs. Morson, your program was absolutely amazing! 

Michelle Cain, Grad 2010

I joined junior dance in my grade 10 year, not because I was in any way graceful, but because I was in track and field and wanted the cross training. During the first class though, Mrs Morson showed me how intense and fun dance was. I continued dance all the way through my grade 12 year. Seven years later I'm still friends with the people from the class, and we still talk about the positive memories and experiences dance gave us.

Lizzie, Grad 2015

Over the 4 years I spent at Mount Doug, some of my most cherished memories took place in dance class with Michelle Morson. I not only developed strong friendships, but also was able to strengthen my confidence while having fun. Michelle was also my dance teacher in elementary school and I will forever be thankful for her classes. As much as I loved the rush of performing with our class both in front of the school as well as festivals at Uvic, some of the best memories were in class. It was really a time during school that I got to be myself, and express myself while doing what I loved. Even though that was nearly 12 years ago I still look back on those memories with a smile. Thank you to Michelle Morson for everything you did.

Nicole Baldwin, Grad 2007

Some of my best memories from high school were from Mrs. Morson's dance class. I made friends and my overall confidence increased. It was a great way to exercise and an excellent break to have between classes. I got straight A's in high school and 8 years later and I can still touch my toes!

Angie Harding, Grad 2011

Dramatic Dance

Dance was my favourite class I took in school. I took it every year and was able to help with the Jr. classes in my grade 12 year as well. I danced every day outside of school but loved getting to spend part of my school day dancing. It was a great opportunity for me to share my love of dance and years of knowledge with friends who where just starting out. We had opportunities to learn new styles, create our own choreography and perform. It’s a great class for new and experienced dancers! 

Paige Kirk (Brar), Grad 2009

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