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CHALLENGE #5: Let's Get Physical

Whether it's time to kick start your physical activity or change up what you've been doing, a yoga challenge is a great place to start. However, let's be realistic and start with a manageable plan for only 7 days.

One of the fantastic aspects of yoga is that it benefits both body and mind. Yoga is, by definition, the union of body, mind and spirit. So by taking the time to complete a yoga practice each day, you are working on important physical components like strength, flexibility, balance and coordination, but you are also working on the health and wellness of your mind. According to Jon Kabat-Zinn, mindfulness is "the awareness that arises from paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally." Through yoga practice we increase our self-awareness as we pay attention to our breath and body, moving in the present moment without judgement and accepting what we bring to the mat each day. Thus, practicing yoga is mindful, and mindfulness includes practicing yoga.

Ultimately, yoga is a great way to value both your physical wellness and your mental wellness, and a 7-day challenge is a great way to incorporate both of these values into your overall health and wellness.

Below are 5 different challenge options depending on your time, ability and goals. Sarah Beth's 7-day challenge takes just 15 minutes per day and is appropriate for any level, whereas the Bad Yogi 7-day challenge also requires only 15 minutes but has some more advanced poses. If you want to get a little more serious and dedicate a half hour each day, Brett Larkin has a yoga sculpt series that focuses on various body parts and Alo Yoga offers a week of yoga flow with a focus on gratitude. And if you really want to feel the difference in only 7 days and challenge yourself, then Yoga with Tim offers a Total Body Power Yoga 7-Day Quarantine Challenge. There's something here for everyone, but you could also search online for your own yoga challenge if nothing here is quite aligning with your goals.

I hope you will give one of these challenges a go. And, if you successfully complete all 7 videos in 7 days, then a longer challenge of 10, 14, 30 or even 60 days might be right for you. But let's start small, try something new, and get physical this week.


7 Day Yoga Challenge - Sarah Beth Yoga

15 minute practices (beginner to intermediate)

7 Day Yoga Challenge - Bad Yogi Yoga

15 minute practices (beginner to advanced)

Yoga Sculpt Workout Series: Power Yoga + Pilates Inspired Toning - Brett Larkin Yoga

20-25 minute practices

7 Days of Gratitude Yoga Flow - Alo Yoga

30 minute practices

Total Body Power Yoga 7 Day Quarantine Challenge - Yoga with Tim

40-60 minute practices

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